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In Bangladesh, farmers have to combat various forms of crisis amidst volatile climate changes. Lack of information and suppliers for feed related problems are common amongst fish farmers in the country. Our revolutionary application was designed to bring a complete solution to all of these issues and make the lives of farmers easier. Currently, the application offers three portals each for Fish Farmers, Traders and Local Service Providers (LSPs) and a variety services and tools for convenience.


OneFish is a Business-To-Business(B2B) mobile application, connecting fish farmers and traders in Bangladesh and making lives easier by reshaping modern aquaculture. 
ARITS developed OneFish for WorldFish’s Bangladesh Aquaculture Activity project, funded by USAID. OneFish has emerged as a comprehensive, digital, one-stop solution specifically designed for fish farmers, while addressing a myriad of challenges, creating a meaningful impact on their lives.


Since its inception, ARITS in collaboration with WorldFish, successfully trained and onboarded over 26,000 fish farmers onto the OneFish platform, showcasing its effectiveness within the aquaculture community. The platform’s impact extends beyond individual farmers, contributing to WorldFIsh’s goal of overall growth and sustainability of the fish farming industry.

Key Features

With several tools and calculators via our mobile application at the tip of their fingertips. Our app, designed on Figma and developed on Flutter, provides a specialized feed calculator, suppliers list and depots, a highly valuable knowledge bank for fish breeding and varieties. It doesn’t end there as we have a specialized digital marketplace for fish traders and service providers to make it easier to buy and sell fish just from the tap of your smartphone!

The OneFish application offers a friendly and relatively simple User Interference experience which makes it easily accessible to anyone regardless of age or capability. Signing up is only a matter of seconds as it can be done with just a phone number and an OTP confirmation code.

Information Services

The OneFish application gives you direct access to a rich knowledge bank covering a variety of fishes including fish farming, how to set up farming ponds and Artemia. It is a complete information bank set up helping individuals in the growing, maintenance of fish, feed calculation, feed creation and conversion. 

OneFish’s information services can equip farmers with real time weather updates available for their area which make it perfect for farmers to have the necessary information they need for their aquatic stock.

The feed related section boasts some of the best tools on the application as it allows Farmers to calculate feed, conversion rate for feed for proper utilization and to have access to different kinds of recipes for fish farming. Using the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) tool, farmers can better understand, analyze and manage feed optimization. Normally, this would have to be done manually by trial and error to understand how much feed is required.

The FCR tool shows farmers the total amount of feed required to produce a certain unit of fish. By inputting accurate information such as the starting weight of the fish stocked, total weight of the fish in the pond and the amount of feed used, the FCR tool will generate an accurate conversion rate which farmers can use to maintain their aquaculture. 

The Knowledge Bank features several useful articles which can also be bookmarked. From costs associated with fish farming to setting up your first pond with the latest technologies, the Knowledge Bank is a wealth of information. 


OneFish’s digital marketplace is a unique feature which offers a Consumer to Consumer (C2C) trading system where anyone can purchase fish including such as those perfect for maintaining composite fish cultures to avoid feed competition. Moreover, there are also services where users can find contact information for various industrial dealers and market necessities for fish farming such as nets, fish fattening points, hormone suppliers and more.

Farmers can sell their fish products and receive bids from fish traders all from the same marketplace, featuring an integrated communications channel for buyers and sellers to message and call each other.

Now, it is easier than ever for farmers to maintain, grow and manage their aquaculture stock with OneFish and it also enables smoother transactions by connecting them to thousands of other traders and farmers on the same platform. 

Option for Fish Farmers to sell their stock on the Marketplace. All farmers have to provide relevant information before creating a listing which can be bid upon by the buyers or fish traders using the application. Fish farmers can also access the marketplace to buy items such as feed, fingerlings or fish medicine directly from the application itself.

Other Services

Other services include Fish related news and access to financial loans. These services will allow farmers to have easier access to loan information.

OneFish Application Statistics (26K Farmers Trained, 10 Partnerships created, 50K+ Outreach created)


OneFish has enabled farmers to celebrate their livelihoods better by giving them a platform where they can buy, sell and grow their aquaculture better than ever before. From real time weather reports to latest fish related news, to interacting with other traders in an integrated marketplace, Farmers have everything they need.
Thousands of farmers are empowered through OneFish because it has paved the way for business sustainability.