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Our collaborative and inclusive culture encourages open communication, knowledge sharing, and diversity of perspectives. We prioritize professional development through comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and cross-functional exposure.

Open Positions

Backend Developer

We are looking for a backend developer in Laravel specializes in creating and maintaining the server-side logic of web applications using the Laravel framework, which is based on PHP. They design and implement databases, develop APIs, and ensure high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front end. Their role often includes writing clean, efficient, and scalable code, troubleshooting and debugging applications, and collaborating with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic. Additionally, they are responsible for implementing security and data protection measures and staying updated with best practices in web development and the Laravel framework.

Vacancy: 1

Deadline: 14-06-2024


Frontend Developer

We are looking for a frontend developer specializing in Next.js is responsible for building and maintaining the user-facing part of web applications using the Next.js framework. Next.js, built on top of React, offers server-side rendering, static site generation, and API route features, making it ideal for high-performance, SEO-friendly websites. These developers implement designs into interactive web pages, optimize performance, and ensure cross-browser compatibility. They work with technologies like JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, and often integrate with backend services. Their role includes writing clean, maintainable code, debugging issues, and collaborating with designers and backend developers to create seamless and efficient user experiences.

Vacancy: 2

Deadline: 27-06-2024

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Onsite)Full-time