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In Bangladesh, the banking sector involves rigorous training and skill development structures which are rigid in nature, time consuming and a lot of resources.

CityBank, a leading giant in the industry, faced similar problems with their employees as they had to relocate them for upskilling and training, realizing high training costs, and outdated procedures when they first approached ARITS while envisioning a modern and efficient solution A new mandate from the Bangladesh Bank required training all of their existing 5100+ employees altogether. Here’s how we made it possible.


In collaboration with ARITS, CityBank was able to envision a transformative learning platform which would be able to enhance the overall learning process for all their employees. The goal was to create an eLearning platform to streamline internal training for CityBank employees.

CityShikhi Login Screen

Eventually, CityShikhi was designed and developed as a web application to bring to fruition the idea of a holistic eLearning solution. It’s not just like any other boring learning experience which leaves room for unfulfillment.


Our project features in-depth training programs and courses, so that employees could now learn anytime, anywhere from the new website which we developed on top of Moodle.

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Key Features

Users can also sign in through authorization and access customized dashboards for their training courses. Admins can also bulk enroll using CSV or Excel files. CityShikhi user authentication involves the LDAP login system connected to the bank’s active directory and manual user creation. Therefore, passwords or IDs are never forgotten.

Moreover, the website features a specialized calendar serving as a reminder to keep candidates on the right track. CityShikhi enables customized learning assessments tailored to various training needs. Instructors can easily develop interactive quizzes, assignments, essays and exercises then review submissions using automated or manual tools. Customizable learning pathways can also be created for students who do not need to finish certain courses.


Cohorts can be invited via groups to enroll your desired target audience. For example, a cohort of HR employees can be targeted from a specific branch for course enrollment. System wide enrollments are also possible through bulk alongside manual and self-enrollment.


The webapp has been designed to retain attention and make learning fun, fruitful and fulfilling with fixed learning objectives, and forums for discussions and by leveraging gamification techniques while also including certifications upon completion.

User Profile

LMS reports are auto generated on the website and can be accessed to view data analytics and user statistics better.


Rich data analytics provide insights into student performance and course effectiveness for better optimization.

All in all, Shikhi has all the dynamic tools required for saving time.


CityShikhi is a beacon in terms of skill development among employees and its innovative approach has significantly cut down on training costs, solved the problem of geographical barriers and has created a culture of a better and shared way of learning within its own organization. For the first time, employees could train at their own pace and their own timings with access to tailored content regarding technology, security, regulations and training.

By itself, CityShikhi is a testament to remind us how the combination of technology and embracing traditional structures can create a more agile, fulfilling and cost-effective learning experience in the banking industry.