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Simplify MySQL and phpMyAdmin Setup with Docker Compose
Are you tired of manually setting up MySQL/Mariadb and phpMyAdmin for your development environment? Docker Compose comes to the rescue! In this tutorial, [...]
5 Useful Elasticsearch Queries
Elasticsearch is NoSql Database. It stores data in an unstructured way as an Index and to retrieve data need to follow it’s own query pattern rather [...]
Load Balancers: 4 reasons why you should start using them!
Before we dive into why you should start using load balancers, let us first briefly understand what is load balancing. What is load balancing? Load [...]
Forms in Angular (Part-1)
Forms are one of the most crucial part of any web application. A form can be as simple as taking only one text input from the user and process the user [...]
Dependency Injection in Angular 11, an Overview – Part 1
In Angular project it is often required for parts of the App to communicate with the other modules in the App. In such cases we simply import the external [...]
Pure CSS Slider — Using Scroll Snap
What is “Scroll Snap”? Scroll Snap is pretty much what it sounds like — snapping or locking in to a certain position while scrolling. So, when scrolling [...]
Easily Integrate ElasticSearch in Laravel Application
On an Application, Searching is one of the useful features to retrieve data quickly in real-time. Elastic search is an open resource and RESTful search [...]
Angular Observables
Surely there are hundreds of articles available online on the angular Observables. A lot of among them would focus on the theoritical aspects of it. But, [...]
Bash Scripts – Prompt User Inputs, Validate and Perform Calculations
While writing a Bash Script, sometimes it becomes important to prompt for user input, validate them and then perform some calculations. In this tutorial, [...]
Center DIV elements along X and Y axes
Sometimes when you get at a design mockup of a website or some mobile application, you might find an element centered horizontally and vertically relative [...]
Zipping and Unzipping using Terminal
In order to “unzip” a file using terminal, make sure you have the application installed on your system. Zipping files using the terminal [...]
Neumorphism in UI — The next big thing in 2020?
What is Neumorphism? Neumorphism is a portmanteau that combines the words new and skeuomorphism. The term was coined by Michal Malewicz late last year. [...]
Creating a Custom Facade in Laravel 6.0
In this article, we will discuss on creating a custom facade in Laravel 6.0 application. Why use a facade? A facade can help reduce code duplicity and make [...]
Sticky Side Tab
Sticky side tabs are a quick and easy way to conveniently access certain parts of your website. These tabs can be set to be available throughout your [...]
var, let and const
ES6, I would say, has revolutionized the year old variable concepts of Javascript by introducing the new let and const keywords. And no [...]
Cannot redeclare block-scoped variable. The Reason behind the error and the way to resolve it.
Few days back I was trying to write a script in my Visual Studio Code IDE, where I was trying to declare and initialize a variable with the keyword let. [...]
Convert DateTime string to Carbon Object
When working on Laravel there will be a time when you would have to parse a datetime string to a Carbon object for further processing. Carbon provides a [...]
jQuery Scroll To Top Function Snippet
This tutorial demonstrates how to implement a simple scroll to top function with transition effect using jQuery. Step 1: Simple HTML Page For the purpose [...]
Adding Startup Scripts to Launch Daemon on Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.6
Being new to working on OS X, it has been somewhat confusing to how things work on Mac compared to that on Linux — to be completely honest it has been a [...]
Installing Apache Tomcat on MacOS Mojave using Homebrew
In order to install Apache Tomcat on MacOS, we firstly need to install Java Development Kit(JDK). To check if java installed, open up the terminal and run [...]